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7 Profitable Ezine Publishing Tips
by: Ken Hill
1. Write product reviews.

Give your readers the lowdown on products that you've tried, and earn commissions by publishing the review with your affiliate link.

2. Use testimonials.

Increase your reader's confidence in your product by including a couple of testimonials for it in each issue.

Also use testimonials for ezine on your site to help convert more of your visitors into new subscribers.

3. Swap ads.

Get your ezine promoted for free in a targeted ezine, or increase your sales by swapping an ad for your business.

Increase the success of your swaps by swapping for multiple issues.

Also track your swaps so you won't be in the dark about which ezines are best for you to swap with.

4. Swap recommendations.

You could swap product or ezine recommendations within your publisher's note or you could use your "thank you" page to do your recommendation swap.

5 Publish an archive.

Let your visitors see what your ezine has to offer them by archiving your issues on your site.

That way you'll be able to get people that are unsure about your ezine to join you, and you'll be able to further promote your business to anyone that views your archives.

6. Use RSS

By offering your ezine by RSS, you'll be able to increase your readership and be rest assured that your RSS subscribers are "getting" all your new issues.

For your visitors that are new to RSS, take the time to explain how it works, and feel free to recommend a good feed reader or web based feed service that they can use.

7. Write articles.

Your articles will help you to fill your ezine with your own unique content and voice.

Your articles can also help you to build your credibility while successfully promoting your business through your
resource box at the end of all your articles.

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