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Is Your Business Podcasting? Well, It Should Be.
by: Rodney Rumford
Copyright 2009 Rodney Rumford

It has been said that podcasting is where Blogs and radio intersect. It is my belief that podcasting is quickly emerging as a media that stands completely on its own. Podcasting is nothing like radio in the traditional sense. It is only similar in the fact that you can listen to audio. That is where the similarities end.

Podcasting will not be anything like Blogging in the very near future. It already is only slightly related to Blogging from the perspective that anyone can create and publish, and the fact that some Blogs can produce an RSS Feed output. That is where the similarities truly end.

The potential business uses of this media are limited only by a smart marketers imagination. Marketing managers and advertising executives should embrace this technology as a media tool that can deliver results to achieve goals in your companys marketing plan.

Corporate Podcasting: There are many valid reasons why corporations may want to embrace and leverage podcasting. Corporations can set up internal or public facing podcasts.

Corporations and businesses (both large and small) have an opportunity to create a loyal listener audience that can extend their brand and communicate to the target audience.

Businesses can also use this technology both externally & internally as a communication medium to keep local, virtual and world wide groups of clients or employees informed. This could be used for sales meetings for companies that have employees in worldwide locations. It is also an effective medium for distance learning, or in helping to get the entire team on messageon any specific topic.

Example: Consultants could use podcasting to interview clients, convey success stories, interview other thought leaders, expose business trends, and become a trusted advisor and source of valuable information. This can produce additional clients, increased reputation within a specific community, and extend your valuable brand perception with customers and prospects.

Creating the actual podcast is only a very small part of the success equation. If you need more information about how you can design and execute a proper and fully leveraged podcasting strategy you should work with a qualified consultant that has experience in this media format from a technology, best practices, strategy planning, marketing, and execution perspective.

You can get a free copy of the Podcasting Whitepaper to learn more about this technology and how you can leverage this new media technology for your business. This whitepaper also includes 13 podcasting best practices. Get on the podcasting train soon, it is filling up fast.

About the author:
Rodney Rumford has over 18 years of experience in the technology field. He has held management positions in Marketing, Business Dev, Enterprise Consulting, Sales and Engineering. He does corporate consulting in the areas of RSS & Podcasting strategy, execution and marketing. He has developed software solutions in the areas of RSS Feeds, Podcasting and PPC Advertising. He is the CEO of The Info Guru LLC., which operates several web properties that include:

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